Since the Seraphites consider the use of most modern-day machinery to be against their beliefs, only the soldiers use things like guns. The Washington Liberation Front faction is hostile to people entering their territory. The Washington Liberation Front is home to many of The Last of Us: Part 2's most important and divisive characters in the entire narrative. While playing as her, the viewer learns about her friends and support system. When he worked as a Firefly, he was a soldier who mainly guarded the Salt Lake City area where Jerry and Abby were situated. Manny is absent from many of Abby's flashbacks, but much of his past can be picked up from in-game conversation. Judging by the way other characters like Mel treat her, it also seems like she hasn't exactly been flexible with some of her friends in the past. Inside the fortified stadium, there is, e.g. In an attempt to hide from the WLF for disobeying orders, he sought refuge in the aquarium that is often revisited throughout Abby's story. While this isn't directly shown in any of her flashbacks, this was probably a byproduct of her obsession and anger with Joel. RELATED: The Last Of Us 2: The 10 Worst Things Ellie Does. Much like all of her friends, Nora also joined the Wolves after previously being part of the Fireflies. Around the halfway point in the game's story, Abby becomes playable in a flashback showing her life as a Firefly and her relationship with her dad. However, in the past, it is shown that Abby and Owen were a couple. Abby also engages in sexual relations with Owen during the game, and it's implied that Mel is at least suspicious that such events occurred. This makes sense, given the player knows nothing of Abby other than her brutal torture of Joel at the beginning of the game. There are several moments in the game where you can walk around this location and get to know its inhabitants more closely. Bear is another WLF canine who Abby interacts with throughout the game. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. [WARNING: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 below] Although The Last of Us: Part 2’s Washington Liberation Front seemed like the superior faction, it’s surprising that the group eventually lost to the Seraphites, especially given that it was a surprise attack. The WLF is a well-organized group. The audience is aware of Ellie's relationship with Joel, but lack the insight of the bigger picture. Presumably, this is how Abby and Owen got to know each other. This makes sense given her willingness to follow through with Abby's revenge plot. Unfortunately, when Ellie invades the aquarium, she is forced to kill Alice in self-defense. Our description of WLF has as least plot spoilers as possible. The WLF is home to many canine companions as well, two of which are Bear and Alice. All of this equipment was left behind by the military, which sought to maintain quarantine zones in Seattle after the outbreak. The single-player game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment has been set on a plot where the world is affected by a huge pandemic. The Last of Us: Part II - Who Are The WLF? In one of the initial stages, you can find a painted warning saying that they will shoot at anyone who enters their area. We do not inform exactly what fate awaits the WLF and members of this faction or whether any members of that faction may die in the course of the game. Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Sabotage Missions And Herealways Pieces Guide, Field Notes 5E Game Master Journal Gets You To Ask The Right Questions About Your Campaign, Cyberpunk 2077 Will Need Two Discs To Play On PS4, Destiny 2 Exploit Instantly Kills Raid Bosses, But Bungie Won't Delay, Make Sure You Play Mortal Kombat 11's Excellent Tutorial Mode, Animal Crossing Benefits Mental Health According To Oxford University Study. Alice is still young when she is recruited into WLF. [WARNING: Spoilers for The Last Of Us: Part 2 below]. The Last Of Us: Part 2 does a fantastic job creating a new group of characters to fully immerse players in Abby's reality, even if most of them die horribly. In the end, the attack on the Seraphites seems not to have paid off. During the first half of the game, where gamers play as Ellie, the narrative isn't too complex. Owen Moore was formerly a Firefly, much like Abby and her father. Related: How Accurate Last Of Us 2 Is To Real-World Seattle. When Ellie tracks her down, she immediately states that Joel got what he deserved. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Abby herself is part of the WLF. The game makes it a point to toy with the player's empathy and allegiances. Like Abby and Owen, she was also a Firefly before joining the Wolves. This could be due to her fixation on Joel. The headquarters of the Washington Liberation Front is a stadium in Seattle. The organization is also too accustomed to fight with modern technique, which was useful in overthrowing the military, but a major part of their failure against the Seraphites. Most others use quiet weapons like bows, and most are proficient in melee combat. He teaches Spanish at McGill by day and writes next to his Staffy x Boxer rescue from the SPCA by night. Set five years after the original game, The Last of Us Part II takes place in a world that has, in a manner of speaking, established a new status quo among the survivors of the Cordyceps Brain Infection. The safe is located in … During this time, Abby and Manny probably got to know each other, which explains why they find comfort in one another. The Washington Liberation Front is led by a man named Isaac - you can get to know this character more closely during the game. His career as a WLF member was quite successful, becoming the second-in-command to Abby's squad. The Washington Liberation Front (WLF) plays a major part in the story of the sequel for Ellie in her travels, but also when controlling Abby, a member of the organization. It turns out the head surgeon who was supposed to execute Ellie's surgery was Abby's father. Manny Alvarez is another ex-firefly who decided to join the Wolves with Abby. The Washington Liberation Front also has Humvee vehicles, which it uses to patrol occupied areas. Ellie kills both him and Mel on her third day in Seattle when trying to get information out of them. Not much is known about Owen's time working with the Wolves. This provided an unexpected advantage to the group with the WLF sought to take out the group in 2039. The Stadium, The Forward Base, and Hillcrest stages are most closely associated with the WLF faction. This is precisely how Abby, Owen, Mel, Nora, and Emanuel come to join the group. This helps to humanize them, and much like any other character in the game, they have backstories and depth all their own. WLF members are well equipped - they have their own armory and large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition. Interestingly, when the group went to Jackson to kill Joel, she was one of the few who was in favor of killing Ellie as well. Will Blizzard Entertainment do something controversial often enough to keep this reference relevant? The famously known as the Dark game of a dark time, The Last Of Us 2 developed by Naughty Dogs has been winning a lot of hearts with its incredible storyline and an amazing gaming interface. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The Last of Us Part 2 Seattle Day 1 – The Forward Base begins when you arrive at the parking lot outside the base. As we learn in the story, Isaac admits to Abby that the entire push to defeat the group is more akin to an act of desperation than to a sound, strategic move. However, Owen and Abby were against this, as Ellie ultimately had nothing to do with Joel's actions. Much like Manny, she isn't a prominent focus in Abby's flashbacks. The group is hostile to another large faction - the Seraphites. During the events of The Last Of Us: Part 2, he is dating Mel, who is also pregnant. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. It is worth noting here that this is the current state - in the past the two groups were not at war but tried to coexist. ... You want to find the WLF gun cache note--that has the combination on it. He was killed by Tommy in an intense shootout in Seattle. The Last of Us 2 Guide by WLF - Washington Liberation Front is a military group that makes its debut in The Last of Us 2. Members of this faction are also known as Wolves. Christian is a writer who's main goal is to breakdown the meaning in games. Dog and livestock pens are located on the pitch. Like Abby and Owen, she was also a Firefly before joining the Wolves. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Thanks to this windfall, the WLF is featured throughout the main story as being well equipped, and with several trucks for patrol. NEXT: VALORANT: Why Rank Should Be Hidden Mid-Game. When Jerry Anderson was killed, he and Owen were the ones who first discovered his body. Although she succeeded in her plan, the game makes it a point to show Abby's lack of closure after killing Joel in the present. However, after Jerry Anderson was killed by Joel, Owen along with a few other Fireflies decided to join the Washington Liberation Front with Abby. Despite being on the offensive, the WLF lost three entire battalions, consisting of Alpha, Bravo, and Echo. Mel is Owen's girlfriend in the present day. 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Overall, the members of the Washington Liberation Force serve to flesh out Abby's story further. However, at one point in the game, he shares an experience he had once where he was unwilling to kill an elderly Seraphite. Here's their story. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This has a different effect depending on which playable character you control - dogs can pose a deadly threat and be able to track down and attack the controlled character or accompany and assist you in eliminating the threat.
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