Vorrei ma non posso = I'd like to but I can't. Уже 8000 Thanks. LT → Anfragen → Italienisch → J-Ax & Fedez → Vorrei ma non posto. Nazionalpopolare is often used in a negative way because it means that a cultural event, a tv programme and so on is just aimed to please the masses of a specific nationality without actually trying to be something deeper, smarter, refined and complex than that. (. Vorrei ma non posto = I'd like to but I can't post. I searched in monolingual dictionary but I did not have any clue what it is. Vorrei ma non posto Songtext von J-Ax & Fedez mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Songtexte.com Vorrei ma non posto = I'd like to but I can't post. Can have different meanings within the song. Omg great song and even greater lyric s(I don't know if that word exist but whatever xD). There's a silly but very important correction to do, regarding the title and the chorus: It's pretty hard to explain. There's a saying here: "Vorrei, ma non posso" = I'd like to, but I can't. "Vorrei ma non posto" means "I'd like to, but I can't because I'm too busy posting stuff on the internet instead of living my life". Italienisch → Japanisch doctorJoJo. Maybe a correct translation would be "I'd like to, but I'm posting". Normally so do I, however songs that aim to please *only* the lowest strata of population in general tend to be extremely vulgar and stereotyped! :o ha senso, effettivamente. Senza Pagare: Idiome in „Vorrei ma non posto“ 1. di nascosto: 2. Vorrei ma non posto: 2. I'm sure it exists something of this kind in other languages too! So they proper fusion IS ==> I'D LIKE TO BUT I "CAN'T"/"CAN'T POST". [Hello, italian here :)] It's indeed a good explanation but I think it's also related (still talking about social networks that make us dumb) about all the super low level post on politics/society that on facebook are very popoular among the very ignorant, stupid and racist people. the line: 1) The authors blaming addicted people who can't stop posting everything say that they'd like to do it too - because you know, it's a small addiction for everyone - but they understand it's bad and they just won't do it. I will keep looking Thank you again! So they proper fusion IS ==> I'D LIKE TO BUT I "CAN'T"/"CAN'T POST" 1. is actually a play on words meaning that the person saves too much instead of being sick with saving. Sometimes feels like their personal thoughts and in other sentences they are moking all the addicted people out there. [I'm italian] è che a cena devo avere sempre in mano un iPhone, il cane di Chiara Ferragni ha il papillon di Vuitton, ed un collare con più glitter di una giacca di Elton John, dice che se il mattino ha l’oro in bocca si tratta di un Rom, sono un malato del risparmio, per questo faccio, ogni ricordo è più importante condividerlo, e compreremo un altro esame all’università, la voglia di cantare tanto non ci passerà, E come faranno i figli a prenderci sul serio, con le prove che negli anni abbiamo lasciato su Facebook, e mamma che lanciava il reggiseno a ogni concerto, l’iPhone ha preso il posto di una parte del corpo, e infatti si fa gara a chi ce l’ha più grosso, mentre guardi quei selfie che ti manda di nascosto, tutto questo navigare senza trovare un porto, tutto questo sbattimento per far foto al tramonto, che poi sullo schermo piatto non vedi quanto è profondo, Writer(s): Federico Leonardo Lucia, Alessandro Aleotti. Groupon is actually an American app that also happens to be used worldwide. Traduzione fedele al testo originale italiano in lingua giapponese. "sono un malato del risparmio" Vorrei ma non posso = I'd like to but I can't. He would like to post the naked girl pics but he just can't. Graças a você eu consegui escutar a palavra ... Ui Nashimoto (Nashimoto-P) - あぁあぁあぁああぁあぁああぁ (AaAaAaAAaAaAAa), March comes in like a Lion (OST) - En fermant les yeux. Parabens e Felicidades. Italienisch → Rumänisch Cristina Crys 1. I tried to translate it literally, but this way it seems to mean the opposite of what it actually means. Thank you for the explanation! So they proper fusion IS ==> I'D LIKE TO BUT I "CAN'T"/"CAN'T POST" It's an adjective used to describe a cultural phenomenon that involves the whole nation but at the same time it's pretty simple and "low-level" so that even the lowest and least educated classes can understand it and appreciate it. Favorisca i sentimenti: 3. J-Ax & Fedez: Top 3. Italienisch → Türkisch Büşra Kart. I love songs that aren't for the 'creme' of society (as we say here the rich people or too educated.). Hopefully I managed to get through what I meant to say. it's just that at the dinner table I must always have an iPhone in my hand, and a collar with more glitters than an Elton John's jacket, he says that if morning has gold in its mouth, I'm sick with saving and for this reason I have, and we'll buy another exam at the university, our will to sing will never pass for sure, And how will our children be able to take us seriously, with the evidences that through the years we've left on Facebook, Dad who every weekend was completely drunk, and mom who threw her bra at every concert, iPhone took the place of a part of our body, and in fact we compete on who has it bigger, While you look at those selfies that she sends you secretly, and you think, sadly, I'd like to but I won't/post, all this pain in the ass to take pictures of a sunset, and eventually on the screen you can't see how deep it is, Per favore aiutaci a tradurre “Vorrei ma non posto”. Graças a você eu consegui escutar a palavra ... Ui Nashimoto (Nashimoto-P) - あぁあぁあぁああぁあぁああぁ (AaAaAaAAaAaAAa), March comes in like a Lion (OST) - En fermant les yeux, Yaroslav Kukolnikov - Завещание Лоэнгрина, Highlight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix). The title is impossible to translate. For example, Sanremo (the festival of Italian song) is considered nazionalpopolare because it's not a festival of "high" culture and because it doesn't require any kind of education to understand the music in it, but it's also a festival of Italian music, so it's something that keeps the nation together and it's something that is now a very important part of national identity. I was translating this song into spanish, but there were things I didn't understand very well, let's see if i can do it right! I hope so, but I have not found it yet. Уже 8000 Thanks. Parabens e Felicidades. I did not know how to get this term. Hi, I am not sure but what does the term "Nazional popolare" means? Vorrei ma non posso = I'd like to but I can't. 2) In some sentences it's just obvious: "While you look at those selfies that she sends you secretly and you think, sadly, I'd like but I can't post*" . Thanks! Quindi la tua interpretazione è che intendessero "nazionalpopolare" come sinonimo di "populista"? You're welcome. Yes, I've looked it up as well to be sure to get it right, but the definition of it on vocabularies is actually much more complex than what the word really is. Vorrei ma non posto = I'd like to but I can't post. Bitte hilf mit, „Vorrei ma non posto“ zu übersetzen. Italienisch → Russisch talbabitzky. Bitte hilf mit, „Vorrei ma non posto“ zu übersetzen.
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