Warto tę spuściznę zgłębiać i poznawać, o niej pisać i czytać. Kiedy jednak On chce być pocieszany, mówi mi o swoich cierpieniach, zaprasza mnie głosem, który jest zarówno prośbą i rozkazem, abym ofiarował moje ciało, aby ulżyć Mu w cierpieniach. When someone takes up his own cross, he becomes a witness of salvation among his brothers and sisters so that others may also share in this salvation, of which he is both the object and subject. Padre Pio's experience was exalating even if tragic (Epist. The author aims to offer a method of reading the Letters of Padre Pio through mystagogy, understood as the mystery. He did not offer a scientifically worked-out programme but he had crystal clear ideas on God's saving plan, that developed round the Cross of Christ the Redeemer. “The Voice of Padre Pio” Magazine, English Edition $ 21.00 Add to cart “Voce Di Padre Pio (Voice of Padre Pio)” Magazine, Italian Edition $ 68.00 Add to cart “Maria, The Star Who Guides Us to Jesus” Audio CD $ 9.00 Read more; Sale! Author Padre Pio of Pietrelcina Italian Language Code Art. Bl. Italian language 1176 pages Unlimited Availability In his cause for canonization this is certainly his major claim to glory, the test of his holiness and the brightest example he left priests throughout the world, of this century and of the centuries to come (ibid.). In queste lettere si evincono i tratti umani, le perplessità, il temperamento e le difficoltà di Padre Pio. Ponieważ miałem wtedy tylko kilka lat, nie umiałem jeszcze czytać. He told his confreres in confidence: "Souls are not given as a gift: they are bought. The doctrine of suffering that purifies and the theology of pain that saves is the basic theme of Bl. What often makes moral suffering more acute, is the subtle temptation that convinces people that their sufferings are a punishment inflicted on them by God for their infidelities, and therefore a reproach for the bad state of their consciences for having strayed from the straight and narrow path of salvation and sanctification. Jest możliwe, że jeszcze nie wyraziłem się dobrze w sprawie sekretu tego cierpienia. The author aims to offer a method of reading the Letters of Padre Pio through mystagogy, understood as the mystery. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Christ, the Master, knew well that his norm would not be easy and would not give rise to enthusiasm. Jednak najważniejsza, źródłowa, jest bliska i pokorna, pełna miłości i oddania relacja z Panem, który – jak pisał Ojciec Pio (por. This is what the Gospel teaches, according to the Blessed of Pietrelcina. Skąd się wziął jego fenomen? They must be paid for with the same coin" (ibid.). The Blessed even said as much, speaking of himself: "What can I tell you about me? A skoro tak, to co dopiero będzie w niebie?! Clearly, Padre Pio accepted this invitation, with all its consequences, and became an apostle and teacher of this message of crucified love. Był to dla mnie moment przełomowy. No one can climb alone. 7. He therefore strove to make others aware of the fruits of suffering accepted and shared with Christ, obeying St Paul, "Take your share in the suffering like a good soldier of Jesus Christ" (cf. It is certainly not out of place to explain the attraction to Padre Pio felt by multitudes as a response to the "hunger for transcendence", to the need for the supernatural which still grips human beings even at the beginning of the third millennium, through the singular and evident mystical phenomena. I, pp. Our Blessed found clear, pure formulas, words accessible to all, convincing tones to help others persevere on the difficult climb to Calvary to be united with Christ for ever in the glory of Tabor. Create a free account to save loved items. Szczególnie długie modlitewne skupienie poprzedzające każdą mszę świętą oraz liturgię słowa owocowało tym, że jego Eucharystia była tak piękna i wyjątkowa, a podczas jej sprawowania działy się prawdziwe cuda. Padre Pio wrote: "Jesus is always with you, even when it seems to you that you cannot feel his presence. It has rightly been said that Blessed Padre Pio is the "people's saint", perhaps unconsciously highlighting once again, with his forthcoming Canonization, the charism of the Capuchin Franciscans to be close to the people. Living with Christ on the Cross is the most sublime ideal of every Christian. The forthcoming canonization of Bl. Pożądał jedynie wiary w Pana, dlatego całe jego życie stało się prawdziwym cudem. If it is true, that every man and woman is born with a mission that Providence entrusts to each one to carry out during his/her earthly life, what was the … LIB_L36_EPP16.5 X 24 CM format, Italian language488 pagesUnlimited Availability. The Epistolario is the collection in four volumes of Padre Pio's correspondence, edited by Fr Gerardo di Flumeri). Comprendere la santità di Padre Pio, vuol dire conoscere l’uomo, non dimenticando che ogni santità, poggia sulla semplice e nuda realtà. Rarely has there been a religious so widely loved and celebrated. He became one with Christ in the Eucharistic immolation and with the penitent in the confessional to reconcile souls with God. Marzenia o szczęściuOjciec Pio każdego dnia umierał w sobie, ogołacał się ze swoich pragnień i wszystkiego, co działo się wokół niego. Inspiracją do jego powstania była beatyfikacja Ojca Pio. Per L'epistolario di Isidoro di Kiev (II): la lettera al Doge Francesco Foscari dell'8 luglio 1453 by: Silvano, Luigi Published: (2018) Padre Pio: il santo dei miracoli by: Allegri, Renzo 1934- Published: (2002) Padre Pio's exterior stigmata make a deep impression on the superficial observer. Im więcej czytałem, tym większą czułem niechęć i lęk przed nim. Zatrzymajmy się więc tutaj, jeśli chcemy naprawdę poznać Ojca Pio, zrozumieć jego duchowość, znaleźć źródło fenomenu jego osoby. Gli elementi ricavati dalle Lettere di Padre Pio compongono uno stupendo mosaico del frate dalle stimmate mostrandone l’umanità, i limiti, le difficoltà, le ansie, il suo essere uomo che ci permettono di contemplare un modello di santità più vicino alle nostre esperienze di uomini. Perhaps in no other area of his ascetical and mystical teaching did he reach such lofty heights. The Cross became and becomes a magnetic pole and a centre of outreach. Comprendere la santità di Padre Pio, vuol dire conoscere l’uomo, non dimenticando che ogni santità, poggia sulla semplice e nuda realtà. Padre Pio, will certainly spur us to strengthen our roots as disciples of the crucified and risen Lord. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. telefono: +39 – 0824 990711. Jesus will never abandon anyone who, through love of him, walks on bearing the weight of his cross, and the troubled will always find in this consoling thought the strength to persevere. Do tej pory miałem przed sobą człowieka, który był bardzo odległy od moich przeżyć, doświadczeń, problemów – być może dlatego odczuwałem niechęć i lęk. I Tm 2,5). Francesco Forgione made a constant offering of himself as a victim of love on the altar, where he lived Christ's Passion, and in the confessional, where actually he lived compassion with the sinner. A hundred and fifteen years have passed since 25 May 1887, the day when Francesco Forgione was born in Pietrelcina, where, to comply with Crispi's decree, throughout the Kingdom of Italy, all crucifixes were to be removed, even from schools. Padre Pio: One with Christ, One with Sinners, EWTN | 5817 Old Leeds Rd. Questo sito fa uso di cookie per migliorare la navigazione e raccolta dati statistici. The second reason why we must embrace the Cross is because Christ always carried the burden of the Cross and no one will ever be worthy of him unless he follows him and shares in his suffering. The Bishop gave the clear, concise answer: "Your Holiness, he takes away the sins of the world" (cf. | Irondale, AL 35210 |. To offer ourselves as victims for the salvation of souls is what Christ himself desired, not because he needs us human creatures but because in his eternal designs he preferred to make use of the members of his Mystical Body to bring about the plan of redemption. Prosimy…, Głos Ojca Pio, ul. Sama zaś msza święta, sprawowana z wielką miłością i głębią, nie tylko skupiła uwagę świata, ale wręcz wpłynęła na rozkład jazdy autobusów i godziny funkcjonowania hoteli. 3. In Forgione's spirituality, suffering is not a punishment, but the most delicate love on God's part. ?'" Patrząc na Ojca Pio, zastanawiając się nad fenomenem jego osoby i zgłębiając jego duchowość, nie sposób nie wspominać o tych wszystkich charakterystycznych cechach i momentach jego życia i posługi. This is the truth, and were I to say otherwise, I would lack in sincerity and do harm to the truth" (Epist. Lastly, it should be noted that being a victim, in traditional ascetic language, means giving oneself over totally to be habitually sacrificed for love of the Lord. Yet he proclaims it categorically, with vigour, "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me" (Mt 16,24). This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Ojcze Pio proszę o modlitwę za mojego przyszłego męża, o łaskę cierpliwości w oczekiwaniu na spotkanie z tym mężczyzną…, św Ojcze Pio wstaw się do Pana o łaskę uzdrowienia brata Ryszarda z nowotworu szpiczaka i jego córki Iwony z…, Św. When he wants me to rejoice, he fills my heart with that spirit that is all fire, speaks to me of his delight ... Jesus, the man of sorrows, would like all Christians to imitate him.... By comparison my poor suffering is worth nothing, yet it pleases Jesus, because on earth he loved it so much" ... (Epist. III, p. 106), and "of the cross, through which alone our souls can be made holy", as is explained time and again in the Epistolario. This is the experience of Padre Pio: "Daughter, know that I am stretched out on my bed of pain, I have ascended to the altar of burnt offerings and await the fire from on high so that the victim may soon be consumed. All the attempts to compile hit parades have bordered on the ridiculous. Ojcze PIO, powierzamy Ci nasze dusze, aby stały się zdolne do udźwignięcia całego cierpienia, które nosimy w sercach. "The grain of wheat does not bear fruit unless it is deposited and germinates; likewise souls need the trial of suffering in order to emerge from it purified" (Epist. O Jezu, daj mi Twoją miłość... kiedy przyjdziesz do mojego serca i zobaczysz coś, co nie spodoba się Twojej miłości, zniszcz to... ja Cię kocham” (Diario, s. 35). Franciszek z Asyżu, który w całym stworzeniu podziwiał wielkość i dobroć Boga – dla niego to, co stworzył Bóg, stało się tak bliskie i cenne, że wszystkich, a w szczególności drugiego człowieka, nazywał bratem i siostrą. references and notes. Epistolario I, s. 317) – czyni nas szczęśliwymi tu, na ziemi. A true "world clientele", as Paul VI said (Audience of 20 February, 1971). If it is true, that every man and woman is born with a mission that Providence entrusts to each one to carry out during his/her earthly life, what was the special mission of the Blessed "stigmatic" from Gargano? Padre Pio was a great apostle of the confessional. Italian Language Ojciec Pio wiele czasu każdego dnia poświęcał na proste i bardzo intymne przebywanie z Jezusem: na modlitwę osobistą, rozmyślanie, adorację Najświętszego Sakramentu i pokorną celebrację Eucharystii. I pozostałem z moimi wątpliwościami i codziennymi problemami. L’epistolario è una raccolta di lettere scritte tra il 1902 ed il 1968 suddiviso in quattro volumi: i Componimenti Scolastici, le Lettere ai Padri Spirituali, le Lettere ai Figli Spirituali, le Lettere alla Famiglia. What has been said can bring us closer to Padre Pio as the man of the Cross. He exercised this ministry for 58 years, giving hours and hours, morning and evening, to those who came to him from near and far: men and women, sick and healthy, rich and poor, clergy and lay people. 328f.). Inizia la pubblicazione dell’Epistolario di Padre Pio da parte dei padri Cappuccini. III, p. 738). II, p. 156). Ty prosisz mnie o miłość, miłość, miłość, miłość... oto więc kocham Ciebie... napełniaj mnie każdego ranka... bądźmy, bądźmy sami... ja tylko z Tobą, Ty tylko ze mną. Różni autorzy, przedstawiając wielkość i fenomen Ojca Pio, skupiali się przede wszystkim na opisywaniu cudów towarzyszących jego posłudze, nadprzyrodzonych znaków oraz wyjątkowych wydarzeń z jego życia, zwłaszcza z okresu pobytu w San Giovanni Rotondo. Odprawiałem już tysiące mszy, jednak w tych chwilach czułem się biednym księdzem – jak podczas spowiedzi, ponieważ Ojciec Pio naprawdę rozmawiał z Bogiem w każdym momencie Eucharystii. The cross, Christ proposed to and imposed on his followers, is not a mere condition for following him, but the most genuine expression of belonging to his kingdom. Padre Pio chiamato ad “una vita migliore”, Avviso pubblico per la Short List imprese, Pietrelcina in festa per un nuovo centenario: Alberto Orlando, 22-23 settembre ANNIVERSARIO della MORTE di SAN PIO, LE PRIME STIMMATE DI PADRE PIO – Pietrelcina 7 settembre, Pietrelcina, il paese natale di Padre Pio. There is everywhere a noticeable lack of the spiritual sensitivity required to understand how necessary it is to make reparation and expiate evil. Przypatrując się życiu Ojca Pio, a w sposób szczególny jego posłudze, można łatwo dostrzec, iż wszystko, co czynił, całe cierpienie jego życia, każda godzina spędzona na ufnej rozmowie z Panem, były pokornym wołaniem do Boga o zbawienie dusz. However, they are not important from the theological viewpoint of their clinical aspect but rather for what they demonstrate: his total transfiguration to the crucified and risen Christ. Italian language Since his sacrifice, deeply religious Christians have intuited what divine love means through contemplation of the Cross under the influence of the Holy Spirit. The Cross is the one way to salvation for all; all who are called to a deeper and more perfect realization of Christ's mysteries must follow it to the very end. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Minęło sporo czasu, zanim przeczytałem pierwszą książkę o Stygmatyku z Gargano, a później następne. Padre Pio knew and repeated that suffering in itself is not desirable, and that human nature instinctively shuns it as alien to happiness. Zastanawiające jest też to, że mimo wielu oskarżeń o oszustwa, podejrzeń o nieszczerość, nałożonych kar i ograniczeń, dzisiaj Ojciec Pio jest świętym Kościoła katolickiego, a jego duchowość – nadal żywa – pociąga rzesze naśladowców. Nie byłem jednak zachwycony. Ojciec Pio konsekwentnie podążał drogą krzyża i w paradoksalny sposób rozbudzał w sobie coraz większe pragnienie współcierpienia z Ukrzyżowanym w ofierze miłości za wszystkich grzeszników i dusze pokutujące w czyśćcu. Schuster - Don Calabria: (1945 - 1954), Padre Pio: sette anni di mistero a Pietrelcina, 1909 - 1916, Per L'epistolario di Isidoro di Kiev (II): la lettera al Doge Francesco Foscari dell'8 luglio 1453, L'epistolario di Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto (1707-1747), L'ultima messa di Padre Pio: l'anima segreta del santo delle stigmate, L'epistolario cristiano veicolo di dottrine e di sentimenti: le "Epistole di Gerolamo agli amici romani dal deserto di Calcide e da Betlemme, L'epistolario di Don Mazzolari e Maria di Campello, Francesco Forgione (1887-1968), known as Pio of Pietrelcina, Saint. Stąd właśnie wypływała jego wytrwałość i siła w cierpieniu oraz umiłowanie krzyża. It means being able to say at every moment "I always do what is pleasing to him" (Jn 8,29). It is true that today people cannot understand how a God who is said to be good and a father can permit such suffering, especially among the innocent. With this free and generous choice, Christians become mediators and co-redeemers of their neighbour, under the influence of Christ, and dependent on him who will always be the one mediator and redeemer of humanity (cf. Właśnie to czyniło go prawdziwie wielkim – ale nie na ludzki sposób. 335-336). LIB_L15_EPP Format 13 X 17.5 CM. The Cross becomes the identity card of the Christian, the seal of his authenticity and his "standard" (Epist. From generous souls and from those in love, God expects acts of heroism and fidelity so that, after the ascent of Calvary, they may reach Mount Tabor". In 1918, Padre Pio remarked in a letter to Erminia Gargani: "Keep calm and be certain that these shadows and sufferings of yours are not a punishment brought on by your transgression ... ; you are one of the many chosen souls who are tried like gold in the furnace. III, p. 716). These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The disciple cannot take any other way than the one pointed out by the Master, nor can he accept any other norm of life than the one the Master proclaimed. He deeply penetrated the riches of the mystery of the cross, "folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God" (I Cor 1, 18). Tak więc Bóg był prawdziwym celem wszystkich pragnień i marzeń Ojca Pio. Padre Romolo: From Francesco Forgione to Padre Pio da Pietrelcina Pietrelcina The future Padre Pio was born on May 25, 1887 by Grazio Mario Forgione. Describe this product using simple and short words. He sought to make suffering souls understand all this. L’epistolario di Padre Pio da Pietrelcina. ), Atti del 1º Convegno di studio sulla spiritualità di Padre Pio (San Giovanni Rotondo, 1-6 maggio 1972), San Giovanni Rotondo 1973, s. 323). There are no other paths that lead to holiness and salvation. He also urged Assunta Di Tommaso: "This state is not a punishment, but love and a most refined love. On the contrary: it is a trial of special love for privileged souls chosen to share in the sorrowful mysteries of the Redeemer. Copyright © 2020 Eternal Word Television Network, Inc. Irondale, Alabama. All rights reserved. He encouraged people to persevere on the painful way of purification and trial, offering himself to be their Cyrene, to carry the Cross with them, indeed to replace them, taking their suffering on himself and leaving them all the merit. Soffrire con Gesù ... questo è il lume che risplende sempre nell'alta punta di ogni spirito accetto al Padre; questo è il lume che condusse i magi ad adorare il nato Messia, questa è la stella profetizzata da Balaam, questa è la fiaccola che dirige i passi di spiriti desolati. Saint Pio encouraged souls to live this mystery and thus to complete what was lacking in Christ's sufferings for the sake of the Church (Col 1, 24). III, p. 935). According to Melchiorre da Pobladura (Alla scuola spirituale di Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, San Giovanni Rotondo, 1978), this special and most characteristic aspect of. The encouragement that Padre Pio gives Maria Gargani is likewise encouraging: "Do not fear, because the One who is keeping you nailed to the Cross loves you and is breathing into you the strength to bear the unbearable martyrdom and the love to love divine Love in bitterness" (Epist. Mons. Był więc jak św. Jesus freely gave his life for all as the supreme and indisputable proof of his love for human beings, the most precious and highly esteemed gift that a man can make. Consequently, Padre Pio willingly and joyfully accepted from the Lord all the suffering of body and soul he experienced and heard God's voice in his heart calling him more and more insistently to sacrifice and to immolate himself for his brethren (cf. Nie wiem, czy Ojciec Pio czynił cuda, ale wiem, że taki człowiek mógłby zrobić ich setki. Byłem szczęśliwy z dobrej okazji, która mi się nadarzyła – mogłem bowiem poznać w końcu «tajemnicę» tego brata... Od razu powiem, że nic nie mogłem stwierdzić. The Cross for him was not a single episode but a whole outlook on life, for he lived his entire life in the shadow of the Cross for the glory of God, his personal sanctification and the salvation of his brethren. In fact, his crucified life taught him to become the Cyrenian of all the crucified. Poznałem zakonnika dotkniętego cierpieniem, lękiem o wytrwanie w łasce powołania, pokornego, posłusznego przełożonym i bardzo zatroskanego o drugiego człowieka. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The author aims to offer a method of reading the Letters of Padre Pio through mystagogy, understood as the mystery.Author fr. Korzeniaka 16, 30-298 Kraków. Bolesne i krwawe ukrzyżowanie Ojca Pio 20 września 1918 roku w postaci stygmatów z jeszcze większą siłą przyciągało tłumy na wzgórze Gargano. In these cases, it is the spiritual director's task to make them understand that the state they are going through is neither a punishment for failings or infidelities, nor an expiation for their unconscious sins, nor the revenge of divine justice. Other things about Padre Pio are emphasized which are easier to understand and accept, but if the reality of the Cross were removed from Padre Pio's life and spirituality, he would be emptied of holiness. Every day, when the Church lives the summit of Eucharistic faith, speaking of the saints, the faithful say these words: "with all the saints who have done your will throughout the ages" (Eucharistic Prayer II). 2. Dzięki temu wydaje mi się łatwe rozwiązanie «tajemnicy» tego brata: chrześcijanin nie powinien szukać cudów, aby wierzyć, ale wiary, bo wtedy całe życie stanie się cudem – tak czynił Ojciec Pio” (V. Frezza, Sacerdozio ed Eucarestia in Padre Pio, [w:] G. Di Flumeri (red. The child, Padre Pio, born that very year, was one day to become a living crucifix (R. Camilleri, P. Pio, Piemme, p. 6). One With Christ, One With SinnersCardinal José Saraiva MartinsPrefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, PADRE PIO HAD A SPECIAL MISSION TO LIVE THE WISDOM OF THE CROSS. Padre Pio was able to demonstrate his unmistakeable gifts as a true spiritual teacher; he succeeded in forming "generous souls in love with God", nourished by the wisdom of the Cross and whom he bound to follow the teachings of this "school" by his example and his words. Sign up for our newsletter to get latest information on promotions, discounts and special offers. Dla mnie był dobrym spowiednikiem, powiedziałbym – jak wielu innych. Per L'epistolario di Isidoro di Kiev (II): la lettera al Doge Francesco Foscari dell'8 luglio 1453 by: Silvano, Luigi Published: (2018) Padre Pio: il santo dei miracoli by: Allegri, Renzo 1934- Published: (2002) Mogłem tylko być świadkiem jednej rzeczy. Therefore bless the Lord and resign yourself to drinking the cup of Gethsemane" (Epist III, p. 441). Those who are called to set out on this path must be convinced that God has lovingly chosen them to walk on a way that is humanly so arduous and so unappealing, as Padre Pio never fails to point out. Ukazuje się od 2000 roku. Nie cieszyła go ani sława, ani tłumy ludzi czasem szukające sensacji. Pamiętam jednak, że rysunek umieszczony na okładce książki, przedstawiający tajemniczą postać mnicha w brązowym habicie, surowo spoglądającego przed siebie, budził we mnie ciekawość, ale i dziwny lęk. Don't you know what they cost Jesus? II, p. 175). When you pray, make the urgent request that the devouring flames come swiftly'' (Epist. I, pp. Valentino Vailati, arcivescovo di Manfredonia, consegna alla Sacra Congregazione per le Cause dei Santi la documentazione richiesta per il nihil obstat all’introduzione della Causa di Beatificazione di Padre Pio. Tak o tym pisał do swojego kierownika duchowego: „Dusza moja musi znosić nieustanny ból. The reasons for taking up one's own cross and for teaching others how to accept theirs. A well-known writer said, "If there was an Oscar of popularity for saints, Padre Pio would win hands down. Le lettere di Padre Pio o l’epistolario di Padre Pio da Pietrelcina. PADRE PIO DA PIETRELCINA EPISTOLARIO secondo CORRISPONDENZA CON LA NOBILDONNA RAFFAELINA CERASE. Valentino Vailati, arcivescovo di Manfredonia, consegna alla Sacra Congregazione per le Cause dei Santi la documentazione richiesta per il nihil obstat all’introduzione della Causa di Beatificazione di Padre Pio. These words sum up the thrust of a spiritual programme centred on the mystery of the Passion and Death of Jesus and learned from him as he taught them "at the school of suffering" (Fr Gerardo di Flumeri, Epist. I hear a voice deep within me saying: sanctify yourself and sanctify others" (Epistolario, III, p. 1010). Gli elementi ricavati dall’Epistolario compongono uno stupendo mosaico dell’uomo Padre Pio mostrandone l’umanità, i limiti, le difficoltà, le ansie, il suo essere uomo che ci permettono di contemplare un modello di santità più vicino alle nostre esperienze di uomini. 300, 522...). The mystery of the Cross in the Christian's life as well as in Christ's is of central transcendent and irreplaceable importance. PADREPIODAPIETRELCINA.COM Blog devozionale dedicato a Padre Pio da Pietrelcina San Pio da Pietrelcina per tutti Padre Pio, si chiamava Francesco Forgione è nato il 25 maggio 1887 a Pietrelcina ed è morto il 23 settembre 1968 a San Giovanni Rotondo. He learned entirely and always at the school of Christ the Master, who freely and lovingly accepted the Father's will: "Sacrifices and offerings you have not desired, but a body have you prepared for me.... Then I said, 'Lo I have come to do your will, O God"' (Heb 10,5). - Contains bibliography (p. 465-484), bibl. He is never so close to you as in spiritual struggles. Jezus już dobrze wie, że całe moje życie, całe moje serce jest poświęcone Jemu i Jego cierpieniom. Krwawiące rany i inne zjawiska mistyczne, ogromne cierpienie, gorliwa posługa w konfesjonale, Dom Ulgi w Cierpieniu, Grupy Modlitwy charakteryzowały i wyróżniały zarówno jego osobę, jak i podejmowaną przez niego posługę.
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