Per saperlo l’Istat mette a disposizione il contatore dei nomi per anno di nascita.. È sufficiente inserire un nome e selezionare il sesso per conoscere la serie storica del numero di nati iscritti in anagrafe con quel nome, dal 1999 all’ultimo anno disponibile.. Sono inoltre predisposte le graduatorie dei nomi più diffusi ogni anno. who were to report on national systems of civilian firearm regulation every two years. [108] Another 2013 study looking at four restrictive gun laws passed in Norway found that two of them may have reduced firearm mortality among men, but that the evidence was more inconclusive with respect to all of the laws they studied. Nomi stranieri; Classifiche dei nomi; La pronuncia dei nomi; Nomi unisex; Calcolatori. [98] Another study, published the same year, found that Australia's gun buyback program reduced gun-related suicide rates by almost 80%, while non-gun death rates were not significantly affected. [65] A 2000 study designed to assess the effectiveness of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act found that the law was not associated with reductions in overall homicide or suicide rates, but that it was associated with a reduction in the firearm suicide rate among individuals aged 55 or older. Descriptive surnames are less common, partly as they were often derived from unflattering characteristics such as: stupidity, girth, baldness and sometimes outright insults like Blackinthemouth. Fino a qualche tempo fa era venerata il 30 agosto. [78] A 2003 study found that this law "may have had an impact on suicide rates, even after controls for social variables,"[79] while a 2001 study by the same research team concluded that the law "may have had an impact on homicide rates, at least for older victims. [105] A case-control study conducted in New Zealand found that gun ownership was significantly associated with a greater risk of gun suicides, but not suicides overall. Such names may arise due to illegitimate or posthumous births and occur amongst nobility when the mother was higher ranked than her spouse or 'bit on the side'. also said that Baker and McPhedran used the Box–Jenkins model inappropriately. Nome tipicamente femminile che deriva dal latino e che è di chiaro significato. [54] A third 2017 study found that "waiting period laws that delay the purchase of firearms by a few days reduce gun homicides by roughly 17%. These names were not necessarily hereditary, but were dictated by circumstance. [71][needs update], Philosophy professor Michael Huemer argues that gun control may be morally wrong, even if its outcomes would be positive, because individuals have a prima facie right to own a gun for self-defense and recreation. Whether you're a teacher, photographer or hobbyist, share your expertise. [74], Rifles and shotguns are relatively easy to obtain, while handguns and some semi-automatic rifles are restricted. [77] A 1993 study found that after this law was passed, gun suicides decreased significantly, as did the proportion of suicides committed in the country with guns. [51] Another 2016 study found that U.S. states with lenient gun control laws had more gun-related child injury hospital admissions than did states with stricter gun control laws. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (2005). Chapman et al. [109] A 2014 study found that after South Africa's Firearm Control Act was passed in 2000, homicide rates in the country declined, and concluded that "stricter gun control mediated by the FCA accounted for a significant decrease in homicide overall, and firearm homicide in particular, during the study period [2001–2005]. Science has shown time and again that it can prevent mass shootings and save lives. [29] According to a spokesman, the CDC has limited funding and hasn't produced any comprehensive study aimed at reducing gun violence since 2001. "[110] A 2000 study found that a ban on carrying guns in Colombia was associated with reductions in homicide rates in two cities in the country, namely, Cali and Bogotá. ERIC gives children and teenagers with a continence condition the support they deserve to enjoy a life free from shame, isolation and fear. Gun-related hospitalizations also reversed their previous trend by decreasing 4.6% from 2003 to 2004. Those surnames derived from place names were initially adopted by families that held land. Gun control (or firearms regulation)[2][3] is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. [58]:18, In 2015, Garen Wintemute and Daniel Webster reviewed studies examining the effectiveness of gun laws aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of high-risk individuals in the United States. Surnames only arose when families decided they were going to stick to a 'pseudo-surname''. [75], With respect to the Criminal Law Amendment Act, a gun control law passed in Canada in 1977, some studies have found that it was ineffective at reducing homicide or robbery rates. [83] In 1992, Canada promulgated the Canadian Firearms Act, which aimed at ensuring that guns were stored safely. Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide (PDF). Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. [38] A 2011 study found that firearm regulation laws in the United States have "a significant deterrent effect on male suicide". This category of surnames is divided into two groups: standard occupations and titular occupations, such as Stewart, derived from an ancient clan title in Scotland. "[40] A 2016 study published in The Lancet found that of 25 laws studied, and in the time period examined (2008–2010), nine were associated with reduced firearm mortality (including both homicide and suicide), nine were associated with increased mortality, and seven had an inconclusive association. [76][77] One study even found that the law may have actually increased robberies involving firearms. La si invoca contro le febbri in genere, l'idropisia e il mal di stomaco. Diffusione: In Italia ci sono circa 764.033 persone di nome Rosa. Diffusione Orologi srl utilizza cookie di profilazione, anche di terze parti, al fine di inviare messaggi pubblicitari in linea con le preferenze manifestate dall'utente nell'ambito della navigazione in rete. The overall suicide rate was essentially the same in the two locations, but the suicide rate among 15 to 24 year olds was about 40 percent higher in Seattle than in Vancouver. "[50], Another 2016 study found that stricter state gun laws in the United States reduced suicide rates. The study also found, however, that non-gun suicide and homicide rates declined even more quickly after the NFA, leading the authors to conclude that "it is not possible to determine whether the change in firearm deaths can be attributed to the gun law reforms. [69], In 1993, Kleck and Patterson analyzed the impact of 18 major types of gun control laws on every major type of gun-involved crime or violence (including suicide) in 170 U.S. cities, and found that gun laws generally had no significant effect on violent crime rates or suicide rates. [36] In 2004, another study found that the effect of state gun laws on gun-related homicides was "limited". [93] A 1995 study found preliminary evidence that gun control legislation enacted in Queensland, Australia reduced suicide rates there. On the other hand, concealed-carry laws may increase violent crimes and suicides, while stand-your-ground laws may increase violent crime. They conclude that mirroring the firearms regulations in Switzerland such as banning the sale of new assault weapons, denying concealed-carry licenses to some individuals, and prohibiting firearm sales to people convicted of multiple alcohol-related offenses will decrease gun-related deaths and injuries. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – U.S. Americans for Responsible Solutions – U.S. National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS),, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from October 2020, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from February 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from May 2016, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. In particular, a number of quantitative studies tend towards demonstrating a firearm prevalence–homicide association. ERIC, The Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity. [8] A further 200 million are controlled by state military forces. [17] These plans never reached fruition and further UN-led efforts to establish international norms for the regulation of civilian-held firearms were stymied. [52] A 2017 study found that suicide rates declined more in states with universal background check and mandatory waiting period laws than in states without these laws. [70][needs update] Similarly, a 1997 study found that gun control laws had only a small influence on the rate of gun deaths in U.S. states compared to socioeconomic variables like poverty and unemployment. Thus John 'the tailor', who was son of Peter 'the Bald' and grandson of Henry 'of the green' passed his distinguishing name (Tailor) to his children, even though none of them may have been tailors. [16] In the remaining countries included in the sample, civilian firearm ownership is considered a privilege and the legislation governing possession of firearms is correspondingly more restrictive. Matronymic surnames are derived from the name of a female ancestor (usually the mother) and are uncommon in most parts of the world. The impetus behind this study was twofold: firstly, there were concerns over the incidence of firearm-related crimes, accidents and suicides; secondly, there was the apprehension that existing regulatory instruments administering the ownership, storage and training in the use of firearms held by civilians might be inadequate. [88], A 2011 study looked at gun control passed in Canada between 1974 and 2004 and found that gun laws were responsible for 5 to 10 percent drops in homicides. [60] Another systematic review found that stricter gun laws were associated with lower gun homicide rates; this association was especially strong for background check and permit-to-purchase laws. [95] Another 2006 study, led by Simon Chapman, found that after this law was enacted in 1996 in Australia, the country went more than a decade without any mass shootings, and gun-related deaths (especially suicides) declined dramatically. A 2004 study found that although firearm suicide rates declined in the Quebec region Abitibi-Témiscamingue after the law was passed, overall suicide rates did not. Thus hunter-gatherer societies often distinguished individuals by an event, a characteristic or a religious connotation. [102] In Brazil, after disarmament laws were passed in 2003,[103] gun-related mortality declined by 8% in 2004 relative to the previous year, the first decline observed in a decade. [c][9] Finally, gang members hold between 2 and 10 million small arms. [17], In 1997, the UN published a study based on member state survey data titled the United Nations International Study on Firearm Regulation which was updated in 1999. The ban was enacted via an Order In Council. [18] Responding to pressure from the U.S. government,[g][20] any mention of the regulation of civilian ownership of small arms was removed from the draft proposals for the 2001 UN Programme of Action on Small Arms. [17] These called for an exchange of data on national systems of firearm regulation and for the initiation of an international study of the issue. [53] Another 2017 study found that states without universal background check and/or waiting period laws had steeper increases in their suicide rates than did states with these laws. [100] In 2016, Chapman co-authored another study that found that after the NFA was passed, there were no mass shootings in the country (as of May 2016[update]), and that gun-related death rates declined more quickly after the NFA than they did before it. Quanti bambini si chiamano nello stesso modo? Throughout history humans have been known by more than one name to distinguish them from other people with the same name. A 2004 study found that in the context of these laws, overall firearm-related deaths, especially suicides, declined dramatically. mobile phone / cellulare. The study found that the homicide reduction effects of Canadian gun legislation remained even after accounting for sociodemographic and economic factors associated with homicide rates. [85] A 2008 study reached similar conclusions with regard to the entire Quebec province; this study also found that C-17 did not seem to increase the rate at which the firearm suicide rate was declining. Bans on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines may increase the sale price for these items. [17] In July 1997, ECOSOC issued a resolution that underlined the responsibility of UN member states to competently regulate civilian ownership of small arms and which urged them to ensure that their regulatory frameworks encompassed the following aspects: firearm safety and storage; penalties for the unlawful possession and misuse of firearms; a licensing system to prevent undesirable persons from owning firearms; exemption from criminal liability to promote the surrender by citizens of illegal, unsafe or unwanted guns; and, a record-keeping system to track civilian firearms. Most countries have a restrictive firearm guiding policy, with only a few legislations being categorized as permissive. Such names are essentially the name of the father, sometimes with a suffix or prefix to denote the name as a patronym. "[56] Another 2017 study showed that laws banning gun possession by people subject to intimate partner violence restraining orders, and requiring such people to give up any guns they have, were associated with lower intimate partner homicide rates. [17] The Bamako Declaration,[h] was adopted in Bamako, Mali, on 1 December 2000 by the representatives of the member states of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). "[62] Two 2015 studies found that the permit-to-purchase law passed in Connecticut in 1995 was associated with a reduction in firearm suicides and homicides. A Review of International and Some Domestic Evidence", "Suicide in the Home in Relation to Gun Ownership", "Gun ownership, suicide and homicide: an international perspective", "Firearm-related deaths in the United States and 35 other high- and upper-middle-income countries", "What a Balancing Test Will Show for Right-to-Carry Laws", "Firearm and Nonfirearm Homicide in 5 South African Cities: A Retrospective Population-Based Study", "Rates of Household Firearm Ownership and Homicide Across US Regions and States, 1988–1997", "Firearm related deaths: The impact of regulatory reform", "Balancing Acts: Regulation of Civilian Firearm Possession", "Australia: A Massive Buyback of Low-Risk Guns", "An evaluation of state firearm regulations and homicide and suicide death rates", "Association Between Connecticut's Permit-to-Purchase Handgun Law and Homicides", "What Do We Know About the Association Between Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Injuries? sfn error: no target: CITEREFLubin_et_al._2010 (, Most countries have a restrictive firearm guiding policy, United Nations Economic and Social Council, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Journal of the American Medical Association, Assault weapons legislation in the United States, Gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Public opinion on gun control in the United States. Create & self publish your book today! According to a 2004 study, after this law was passed, firearm-related suicides and homicides, as well as the percentage of suicides involving firearms, declined significantly in that country. There is on the other hand good survival of surnames derived from positive or neutral characteristics; Trow & Triggs (meaning trustworthy), Young, White and Good. [47] Another study published the same year, analyzing panel data from all 50 states, found that stricter gun laws may modestly reduce gun deaths. ", "State Firearm Legislation and Nonfatal Firearm Injuries", "Association between youth-focused firearm laws and youth suicides", "Effects of the Repeal of Missouri's Handgun Purchaser Licensing Law on Homicides", "Effects of Policies Designed to Keep Firearms from High-Risk Individuals", "Risks and Targeted Interventions: Firearms in Intimate Partner Violence", Gun Control Australia – Supporting Gun Control in Australia. Topographical surnames can be derived from features of a landscape (Hill, Ford) or from place names (London, Aston, Eaton, Molyneux). Explore 27 million surname origins, meanings, distribution maps and demographics @ Forebears, the largest database of last names. [91], On May 1, 2020, after deadly shootings in Nova Scotia, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government banned 1,500 kinds of military-style semi-automatic rifles, including the popular AR-15 and its variants. The same study found that "These decreases may be only partly due to the legislation. [16] The study concluded that both the United States and Yemen were distinct from the other countries surveyed in viewing firearm ownership as a basic right of civilians and in having more permissive regimes of civilian gun ownership. Thus, a noble ruling from Savoy may have been known as Umberto de Savoy, a blacksmith may have been known as John le Smith and a bald man may be known as William the Bald; much in the same way we refer to people in similar ways today, such as John the Gob or Rachel the Bean Counter. Suddivisione: Campania (15%), Sicilia (16%), Lombardia (14%), .. » Tutta la distribuzione Caratteristiche: trattasi di una persona solare, che ama divertirsi e stare in compagnia; ha un'indole tranquilla e riservata e sia in amicizia sia in amore si dimostra sempre leale e comprensiva. [13] A 2011 survey of 28 countries over five continents[e] found that a major distinction between different national regimes of firearm regulation is whether civilian gun ownership is seen as a right or a privilege. Composed of 'insurgents and militias, including dormant and state-related groups'. [86] Other researchers have criticized this 2008 study for looking at too short a time period and not taking account of the fact that the regulations in C-17 were implemented gradually. [45], Another study, published the same year, found that states with permit to purchase, registration, and/or license laws for handguns had lower overall suicide rates, as well as lower firearm suicide rates. Africa: Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda; Americas: Belize, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, United States, Venezuela; Asia: India, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Turkey, Yemen; Europe: Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Switzerland, United Kingdom; Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea. [106], A 2010 study looked at the effect of a policy adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces that restricted access to guns among adolescents on suicide rates, and found that "Following the policy change, suicide rates decreased significantly by 40%." Gun control (or firearms regulation) is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians.. [32] Another 2016 review identified 130 studies regarding restrictive gun laws and found that the implementation of multiple such laws simultaneously was associated with a decrease in gun-related deaths. [83], A 1990 study compared suicide rates in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada metropolitan area (where gun control laws were more restrictive) with those in the Seattle, Washington area in the United States. For example, surnames were largely adopted between the 11th and 16th centuries in England, between the 16th and 19th centuries in Wales and between the 11th and 19th centuries in Scotland. Hundreds of years later this tells you that someone with the surname, Tailor or Taylor, had a ancestor on their paternal line who practiced that profession. In some countries such as the United States, gun control may be legislated at either a federal level or a local state level. Though it is not possible to prove the origin of most surnames, it is possible to make educated guesses in some cases. "[80] A 1994 study found that after this law came into force in 1978, suicide rates decreased over time in Ontario, and that there was no evidence of method substitution. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions. [27] Since the amendment, the CDC has continued to research gun violence and publish studies about it,[28] although their funding for such research has fallen by 96% since 1996, according to Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This figure excludes older, pre-automatic small arms from military and law enforcement stockpiles or 'craft-produced' civilian firearms. Findings from the Task Force on Community Preventive Services", "Washington's Gun Past Affects Arenas's Future", "Facts About the Effects of Gun Policies Are Elusive but Important", "Gun control really works. A 2004 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found evidence that child access prevention laws were "associated with a modest reduction in suicide rates among youth aged 14 to 17 years. The authors concluded that "The results of this study illustrate the ability of a relatively simple change in policy to have a major impact on suicide rates. These evolved from pre-existing non-permanent naming customs whereby an individual was identified by reference to a male ancestor or ancestors. [25] Notably, since 1996, when the Dickey Amendment was first inserted into the federal spending bill, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been prohibited from using its federal funding "to advocate or promote gun control," thwarting gun violence research at the agency at the time. [41] In an accompanying commentary, David Hemenway noted that this study had multiple limitations, such as not controlling for all factors that may influence gun-related deaths aside from gun control laws, and the use of 29 explanatory variables in the analysis. [f][17] This study was meant to initiate the establishment of a database on civilian firearm regulations which would be run by the Centre for International Crime Prevention, located in Vienna. [37] A 2005 study looked at all 50 states in the U.S. and the District of Columbia, and found that no gun laws were associated with reductions in firearm homicide or suicide, but that a "shall-issue" concealed carry law may be associated with increased firearm homicide rates. [39], A 2013 study found that in the United States, "A higher number of firearm laws in a state are associated with a lower rate of firearm fatalities in the state. [67] The study found that the law's enactment was associated with "a prompt decline in homicides and suicides by firearms in the District of Columbia. E' patrona di Lima, del Perù e dell'America Latina, dei fiorai e dei giardinieri. [16], At the international and regional level, diplomatic attention has tended to focus on the cross-border illegal trade in small arms as an area of particular concern rather than the regulation of civilian-held firearms. [42], Other studies comparing gun control laws in different U.S. states include a 2015 study which found that in the United States, "stricter state firearm legislation is associated with lower discharge rates" for nonfatal gun injuries. However, later such adoptions of surnames derived from place names occurred when people moved from one place to another. "[49] California has exceptionally strict gun sales laws, and a 2015 study found that it also had the oldest guns recovered in crimes of any states in the U.S.. The full title is 'The Bamako Declaration on an African Common Position on the Illicit Proliferation, Circulation and Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons (2000)'. "[87] A study that looked at provincial gun ownership rates, and associated suicide rates found no significant correlations with overall suicide rates. The three laws most strongly associated with reduced firearm mortality were laws requiring universal background checks, background checks for ammunition sales, and identification for guns. name/ nome: family name / cognome; email. According to the study, "other factors found to be associated with homicide rates were median age, unemployment, immigration rates, percentage of population in low-income bracket, Gini index of income equality, population per police officer, and incarceration rate. The earliest surnames in Western Europe grew out of existing methods of distinguishing people. Gun control refers to domestic regulation of firearm manufacture, trade, possession, use, and transport, specifically with regard to the class of weapons referred to as small arms (revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, assault rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns). The US government was opposed to a section of the draft proposal calling on countries 'to seriously consider the prohibition of unrestricted trade and private ownership of small arms and light weapons'. "[81], In 1991, Canada implemented the gun control law Bill C-17. "[31] A 2016 review found that laws banning people under restraining orders due to domestic violence convictions from accessing guns were associated with "reductions in intimate partner homicide". "[90], A 2013 study of the 1995 Canadian gun control law Firearms Act, 1995 reported little evidence that this law significantly reduced rates of lethal gun violence against women. [1] Jurisdictions that regulate access to firearms typically restrict access to only certain categories of firearms and then to restrict the categories of persons who will be granted a license to have access to a firearm. "[34], In 1983, a cross-sectional study of all 50 U.S. states found that the six states with the strictest gun laws (according to the National Rifle Association) had suicide rates that were approximately 3/100,000 people lower than in other states, and that these states' suicide rates were 4/100,000 people lower than those of states with the least restrictive gun laws. Nomi maschili; Nomi femminili; Top 30 Italia; Elenco dei nomi; Nomi stranieri. More technically advanced cultures with a settled society typically derived surnames from occupations, social status or place of residence. [61], Other studies have examined trends in firearm-related deaths before and after gun control laws are either enacted or repealed. [17] During the mid-1990s, however, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted a series of resolutions relating to the civilian ownership of small arms. [104] A 2006 study found that after gun control laws were passed in New Zealand in 1992, suicides committed with guns declined significantly, especially among youth. [94], A 2006 study by gun lobby-affiliated researchers Jeanine Baker and Samara McPhedran found that after Australia enacted the National Firearms Agreement (NFA), a gun control law, in 1996, gun-related suicides may have been affected, but no other parameter appeared to have been. [4][5], Usage of the term gun control is sometimes politicized. This change occurred at different periods in different regions. [17], Although the issue is no longer part of the UN policy debate, since 1991 there have been eight regional agreements involving 110 countries concerning aspects of civilian firearm possession. [96], A 2010 study looking at the effect of the NFA on gun-related deaths found that the law "did not have any large effects on reducing firearm homicide or suicide rates,"[97] although David Hemenway has criticized this study for using a structural break test despite the fact that such tests can miss the effects of policies in the presence of lags, or when the effect occurs over several years. A surname's origin is influenced by the progenitor's social class and the culture they lived in.
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