Tuttitalia nonsoloCAP Codice Fiscale Generator. Contains also ZIP codes, Cadastral codes and other useful information as the Codice Fiscale Generator. The city of Trieste is divided into zone postali, where postcodes change according to street and sometimes number. Trieste - Via Giulia, we offer this apartment on the seventh and top floor of a building with an elevator. Search results for via giulia in the streets of Trieste. The alphabetical list here provided gives the three basic details necessary to write a correct normalized Italian mailing address. Also lists the phone area codes, cadastral codes and information on the streets of the City of Trieste. EN. (= Codice Avviamento Postale) for addresses in Trieste starting for J‑ (ignoring the terms Via, Viale, Strada, Piazza, Via del, and likewise), and provides the three basic details necessary to write a correct, normalized Italian mailing address. In this page find the CAP (Zip code) for addresses in the Comune of Trieste starting for R (excluding the words Via, Viale, Strada, Piazza, Via del, and likewise). Elenca anche prefisso telefonico, codice catastale e info sulle strade del Comune di Trieste. 34147 Raffineria di Stramare Aquilinia (), 34138 Revoltella (Via), even street numbers (numeri pari) 2/34, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 1/25, 34139 Revoltella (Via), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti), 34148 Rio Primario (Via) numeri pari 2/20, 34149 Rio Primario (Via), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti), 34121 Roma (Via), even street numbers (numeri pari) 2/14, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 1/9, 34132 Roma (Via), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti), 34145 Roncheto (Via del) , even street numbers (numeri pari) 2/46, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 1/73, 34146 Roncheto (Via del), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti), 34135 Rose (Vicolo delle), even street numbers (numeri pari) 2/4, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 1/7, 34134 Rose (Vicolo delle), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti), 34125 Rossetti Domenico (Via), even street numbers (numeri pari) 2/8 numeri pari 16/34, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 1/7, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 15/35, 34126 Rossetti Domenico (Via), even street numbers (numeri pari) 10/14, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 9/13, 34141 Rossetti Domenico (Via), even street numbers (numeri pari) 36/66, odd street numbers (numeri dispari) 37/85, 34139 Rossetti Domenico (Via), remaining street numbers (numeri restanti). Italiano; Español; Search ZIP - Home Codice Fiscale Generator Validate Codice Fiscale Italian ZIP Code ZIP regions. This index lists the C.A.P. Motore di ricerca dei CAP delle Zone Postali di Trieste. The property, excellently exposed, consists of entrance hall, large living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Thanks to a large terrace accessible from both the living room and th
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