L'anziano, terrorizzato, fugge verso la vicina strada e per poco non viene investito da due fidanzati che stanno sopraggiungendo in auto, Steve e Jane. The Blob comes from a small meteorite that falls on Earth. let the notation "higher neighbour" stand for "neighbour pixel having a higher grey-level value". {\displaystyle L(x,y,t)} I numerosi spettatori fuggono all'impazzata verso l'esterno del locale, disperdendosi disordinatamente per le strade della cittadina. A natural approach to detect blobs is to associate a bright (dark) blob with each local maximum (minimum) in the intensity landscape. For simplicity, consider the case of detecting bright grey-level blobs and Blob – programma televisivo di Rai 3. A main problem with such an approach, however, is that local extrema are very sensitive to noise. Oggi, so che avremmo comunque potuto intitolare il film The Glob, perché non è possibile registrare il copyright sui titoli.[6]». , [senza fonte], La pellicola è stata definita un cult movie per antonomasia. g Afterwards, the Blob slithers out of the car and enters the sewers. In the sewers, Meg, Kevin, and Eddie reach an area they can use to get out, but the Blob catches up to them and manages to catch Eddie. Fluido mortale (The Blob), noto anche come Blob - Fluido mortale, è un film del 1958 diretto da Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. È considerato una pellicola cult[1] nel filone horror fantascientifico;[2] ed è noto anche per essere stato il primo in cui Steve McQueen (con il nome di Steven) ricopre un ruolo primario. denotes the Hessian matrix of the scale-space representation L Dr. Hallen realizes that the Blob needs to be killed and has Nurse Kate pour trichloroacetic acid on it, but the Blob soaks it up. {\displaystyle ({\hat {x}},{\hat {y}})} The Blob is flash-frozen and shatters into millions of crystallized pieces. However, she ends up getting her foot caught. ^ Fran manages to get outside and runs into a phone booth to call Sheriff Geller, unfortunately, she is spotted by the Blob, which slowly starts covering the phone booth. The manager looks up to see Hobbes being digested by the Blob before the manager himself gets snatched up by the Blob. T. Lindeberg ``Image matching using generalized scale-space interest points", Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, volume 52, number 1, pages 3-36, 2015. Paul's scream draws in Meg, who sees Paul enveloped by the Blob and tries to save him by pulling on his arm that is not covered by the Blob, but Paul's arm melts off and Meg falls unconscious while the Blob flees the hospital after dissolving Paul. ( τ ) Steve and Jane see the store unlocked and go to investigate, where they encounter the Blob. The Blob (Beware! Later, Lisa, Bobby, and another friend of theirs, Leslie drive by and see the Blob and Joe's car. Altre fonti indicano invece una differente versione dei fatti, poiché affermano che per la pellicola in questione si propose una svariata serie di titoli di lavorazione (nella prima stesura del copione il mostro era addirittura chiamato "la massa"), prima che la produzione decidesse per The Glob, per poi cambiare ancora idea dopo aver saputo che il disegnatore Walt Kelly aveva già usato The Glob come titolo per un suo libro per bambini. For the purpose of detecting grey-level blobs (local extrema with extent) from a watershed analogy, can also be computed as the limit case of the difference between two Gaussian smoothed images (scale space representations). He leads the two to an exit, but Meddows has the exit blocked, and Brian uses the soldier's rocket launcher to blow the exit open. Meg runs into the theater to look for her brother, Kevin and his friend, Eddie. {\displaystyle \gamma _{\tau }=3/4} There is also the related notion of ridge detection to signal the presence of elongated objects. In other domains, such as histogram analysis, blob descriptors can also be used for peak detection with application to segmentation. ) {\displaystyle L(x,y,t)} 1 ^ , Thus, simultaneous selection of interest points Ability to dissolve flesh upon contactGrowing bigger by devouring more and moreInvulnerability to conventional weaponsAmorphousness that enables it to squeeze through narrow placesInhuman strengthAbility to merge and disengageDexterityStealthForming tentacles out of its own mass to grab prey from long distance (1988 film only) s f Il film ha avuto un sequel quattordici anni dopo, nel 1972, con Beware! While the Can Man is left unattended, the Blob starts feeding on the Can Man, which is noticed by Paul, who brings a doctor over, and the two see that the Can Man's lower half has been dissolved. An early prototype of simplified vision systems was developed where such regions of interest and scale descriptors were used for directing the focus-of-attention of an active vision system. {\displaystyle \nabla ^{2}L(x,y,t)} The Can Man eventually runs out into the open road, where he encounters Paul Taylor and Meg Penny, who take him to a hospital. As the Blob tries to get into the truck, Meg shoots the Blob to distract it from Brian and rigs the canisters with explosive charges. and It then oozes into an ice rink where it consumes more people before chasing Lisa, Bobby, and the ice rink manager into the commentator's booth. In terms of scale selection, blobs defined from scale-space extrema of the determinant of the Hessian (DoH) also have slightly better scale selection properties under non-Euclidean affine transformations than the more commonly used Laplacian operator (Lindeberg 1994, 1998, 2015). γ To obtain blob descriptors that are more robust to perspective transformations, a natural approach is to devise a blob detector that is invariant to affine transformations. ( The townspeople get all of the CO2 extinguishers that they can find and blasts the Blob with them, freezing it solid. Terrorizzato, Steve insieme a Jane si rivolge alla polizia, ma i due, a causa dell'apparente assurdità delle loro affermazioni non vengono creduti, e il loro grido di allarme passa inascoltato. Full Name , t Meg tries to save him, but fails and is forced to run as the Blob closes in on her and Kevin. γ γ Meg manages to reach Kevin and Eddie and direct them towards the emergency exit with the Blob in hot pursuit. The Blob's origin is changed, as it is now the result of a military experiment, created by Dr. Christopher Meddows, involving some bacteria being launched into space to be mutated by outer-space radiation. Nel 1960 viene distribuito in Germania Ovest il 18 marzo e in Francia il 1º aprile. ( L'ammasso gelatinoso viene successivamente caricato su un aereo militare, trasportato nell'Artico e abbandonato tra i ghiacci perenni. The Blob comes from a small meteorite that falls on Earth. The Blob attacks a diner with Steve, Jane, and her brother Danny trapped inside along with the diner's owner and waitress. y The Blob is a red, gelatinous, monstrous organism and the titular main antagonist from the 1958 horror film of the same name, and its 1988 remake. A straightforward way to obtain a multi-scale blob detector with automatic scale selection is to consider the scale-normalized Laplacian operator, and to detect scale-space maxima/minima, that are points that are simultaneously local maxima/minima of Crimes γ s y / One of the first and also most common blob detectors is based on the Laplacian of the Gaussian (LoG). 4 Videogiochi. y The townspeople flee from the Blob, and it chases after them, snatching up a few unfortunate victims. When Fran manages to get a hold of the sheriff's office, she learns that Sheriff Geller is not present, and that's when the Blob presents her with Sheriff Geller's dissolving corpse. La successiva edizione in home video in VHS e DVD, a partire dagli anni ottanta, è stata commercializzata, recuperando il titolo originale, con il nome Blob - Fluido mortale. Based on this idea, they defined a notion of maximally stable extremal regions and showed how these image descriptors can be used as image features for stereo matching. decreasing order of the intensity values. {\displaystyle f(x,y)} Later, when Lisa and Bobby drive back to Bobby's farm, the Blob descends down to try to get inside Lisa's truck. At the theater, a projectionist named Phil Hobbes is relaxing and playing with a yo-yo in the projection room when it starts getting hot in the room. At the town's diner, there is a clog in the kitchen sink and when the handyman, George reaches into the drain, he gets a mysterious substance on his fingers, and then, the Blob bursts out of the pipe and grabs George by the face before pulling him into the sink drain. There are close relations between this notion and the above-mentioned notion of grey-level blob tree. on that work. ) T. Lindeberg ``Scale invariant feature transform, T. Lindeberg and J.-O. Because it has no proper form, it can change its shape and squeeze through narrow passages and openings. Evil-doer Stavamo per registrare il copyright, e qualcuno aveva fatto qualche ricerca venendo a sapere che esisteva un libro intitolato The Glob, scritto da Walt Kelly, il disegnatore. . y A Irving Millgate, professore di lettere alla Northwestern University, venne l'idea di una forma di vita aliena informe, che divorasse le persone assorbendole una volta entrato fisicamente in contatto con esse. Type of Villain Moreover, the grey-level blob detection method was embedded in a scale space representation and performed at all levels of scale, resulting in a representation called the scale-space primal sketch. In this way, we can define affine-adapted versions of the Laplacian/Difference of Gaussian operator, the determinant of the Hessian and the Hessian-Laplace operator (see also Harris-Affine and Hessian-Affine). , {\displaystyle \gamma _{\tau }=1/2} ( Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sheriff Jones and Deputy Davis enter the ice rink and spot the Blob. Finalmente tutti furono d'accordo. As Scott gets back in the car, he sees Vicki unresponsive and moves onto unbutton her blouse, but before he can get on with the date rape, Scott gets grabbed by the Blob which comes bursting out of Vicki's body before engulfing Scott. 1 By studying how these structures evolve with increasing scales, the notion of scale-space blobs was introduced. t Amavo i titoli formati da una sola parola, avendone distribuiti tanti, quindi dissi: «Chiamiamolo The Glob!». Unfortunately, before he can do so, the Blob dissolves the old man. ) She flees to notify the police and her boyfriend Bobby Hartford, but when they investigate Chester's house, the Blob has disappeared and Lisa's claims are dismissed. {\displaystyle HL} and L Bobby then asks the manager how to freeze the rink and makes his way to the fuse box despite the Blob's attempt to catch him and successfully activates the rink's ice mechanism, freezing it. Goals L'uomo viene allora repentinamente aggredito dall'entità gelatinosa, che si avvolge fulmineamente ad una delle sue mani. Earlier presentations of this algorithm can also be found in. Approfittando di un momento di distrazione del dottore, la creatura mostruosa ingloba completamente l'anziano, uccidendolo. Beyond local contrast and extent, these scale-space blobs also measured how stable image structures are in scale-space, by measuring their scale-space lifetime. Meg gets a CO2 fire extinguisher to save him and instinctively blasts the Blob with it when it moves in for an attack, causing the Blob to back off. Alias Note that this notion of blob provides a concise and mathematically precise operational definition of the notion of "blob", which directly leads to an efficient and robust algorithm for blob detection. Meanwhile, Brian gets a snowmaker truck and uses it to shoot snow at the Blob. {\displaystyle L(x,y;t)\ =g(x,y,t)*f(x,y)} The three manage to get out of the theater, but they are forced to go into the sewers when they encounter a dead end. , In the sequel, an oil pipeline layer named Chester Hargis returns to his suburban Los Angeles home from the North Pole, bringing with him a small sample of a mysterious frozen substance uncovered by a bulldozer on a job site. m Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 27 apr 2020 alle 01:25. This approach is for instance used in the scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm—see Lowe (2004). and scales As Meddows is about to kill Brian to cover up his crime of creating the Blob, the said creature grabs its creator and drags him toward the manhole, Meddows is able to grab on to the edge, but the Blob oozes inside his suit and after a struggle, Meddows is dragged into the sewer, eaten by his own creation. and {\displaystyle {\hat {t}}} Jean-Francois Mangin, Denis Rivière, Olivier Coulon, Cyril Poupon, Arnaud Cachia, Yann Cointepas, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Denis Le Bihan, Jean Régis, Dimitri Papadopoulos-Orfanos: "Coordinate-based versus structural approaches to brain image analysis". A hybrid operator between the Laplacian and the determinant of the Hessian blob detectors has also been proposed, where spatial selection is done by the determinant of the Hessian and scale selection is performed with the scale-normalized Laplacian (Mikolajczyk and Schmid 2004): This operator has been used for image matching, object recognition as well as texture analysis. [3] In simplified form, the scale-normalized determinant of the Hessian computed from Haar wavelets is used as the basic interest point operator in the SURF descriptor (Bay et al. I titoli di lavorazione della pellicola furono inizialmente svariati: The Glob, The Glob That Girdled the Globe; The Meteorite Monster; The Molten Meteor; The Night of the Creeping Dead. When Mariane goes outside looking for Samuel, the Blob ambushes her. La canzone The Blob nei titoli di testa venne composta da un giovane Burt Bacharach ed è stata cantata da Bernie Knee. t Dave then requests an Air Force jet to transport the Blob to the Arctic, where it is parachuted onto the ice. r In origine il film si intitolava infatti The Molten Meteor, fino a quando i produttori sentirono per caso la sceneggiatrice Kay Linaker riferirsi al mostro del film identificandolo con l'appellativo di "The Blob".[5]. s Besides minor technicalities, however, this operator is in essence similar to the Laplacian and can be seen as an approximation of the Laplacian operator. RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana (Italian pronunciation: [ˈrai ˌradjoteleviˈzjoːne itaˈljaːna]; commercially styled as Rai since 2000; known until 1954 as Radio Audizioni Italiane) is the national public broadcasting company of Italy, owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.. RAI operates many terrestrial and subscription television channels and radio stations. 1 [3], Il film ha avuto un sequel nel 1972 con Beware! = x x The most common method for blob detection is convolution. for a d-dimensional image) and strong negative responses for bright blobs of similar size. t In practice, affine invariant interest points can be obtained by applying affine shape adaptation to a blob descriptor, where the shape of the smoothing kernel is iteratively warped to match the local image structure around the blob, or equivalently a local image patch is iteratively warped while the shape of the smoothing kernel remains rotationally symmetric (Lindeberg and Garding 1997; Baumberg 2000; Mikolajczyk and Schmid 2004, Lindeberg 2008). Hobby The Can Man then runs around in panic and encounters Brian Flagg. In Lindeberg,[6] it was shown that f / s It crushes Hargis and then starts targeting the townspeople. Dr. Hallen shoots at it several times, but the Blob is unharmed and goes after the doctor. , Un signore anziano, in modo del tutto casuale, ne scopre l'esistenza e con l'ausilio di un bastone l'apre, liberando involontariamente la misteriosa creatura nascosta al suo interno. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. A region with spatial extent defined from a watershed analogy was associated with each local maximum, as well a local contrast defined from a so-called delimiting saddle point. {\displaystyle \nabla _{norm}^{2}L} Later, Chester's friend named Lisa Clark walks in to see him being devoured by the Blob. 4 y The Blob attempts to get inside, but the townspeople hold it off with furniture barricades and CO2 extinguishers, but it is a losing battle and Deputy Briggs is killed. with respect to both space and scale (Lindeberg 1994, 1998). De Blob – videogioco del 2008 sviluppato da Blue Tongue e distribuito da THQ per piattaforma Nintendo Wii. Mentre il dottore va a prendere il fucile, l'infermiera viene assalita e inglobata. ^ The blob descriptors obtained from these blob detectors with automatic scale selection are invariant to translations, rotations and uniform rescalings in the spatial domain. Eating organisms. Origin ( ) Lindeberg, Tony (2013) "Scale Selection Properties of Generalized Scale-Space Interest Point Detectors", Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Volume 46, Issue 2, pages 177-210. Monstrous destroyer The Blob first consumes a fly that lands on it, then going after Mariane's cat, Samuel. 0 1 s L ( Qualche istante dopo il medico e la sua infermiera si accorgono di quanto è accaduto e, in preda al terrore, cercano inutilmente di distruggere con un acido la mostruosa creatura. = , if we want this operator to assume its maximum value over spatio-temporal scales at a spatio-temporal scale level reflecting the spatial extent and the temporal duration of a blinking Gaussian blob. The Blob The manager comes into the room looking for Hobbes when he sees Hobbes's yo-yo come down from the ceiling. = , When asked about when it will happen, Meeker replies when the Lord gives him a sign, as he holds up the jar containing the small piece of the Blob that he found, which is revealed to be still alive as it moves around in the jar.
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