Vivacious, outgoing, and laidback, there are endless facets to love about Puglia. In 1860 Puglia was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, and at that time it was divided into only three provinces: Bari, Foggia (or Capitanata) and Lecce, while Taranto and Brindisi were added in 1927. And they’re all yours for the tasting. In essence, living in Puglia can be as affordable as you want it to be. The Gargano peninsula offers a more dramatic coastline, where cliffs dash to the Adriatic Sea. Anyone who appreciates antiquities will marvel that the simple little stone church you’re passing dates back to the 11th century. Our estate agency offers a wide range of real estates for sale in Puglia region of Southern Italy, including traditional properties, villas, country houses, trulli, masserias (farmhouses), properties with swimming pool and sea view, town houses and beach properties.Our office is located in via Capitano di Castri n.15 Francavilla Fontana, Puglia Italy. You would not recognize this structure as an oven: it is a round tower, about 11foot high, and 8 feet in diameter. But we’ll be there to keep you current and show you the best-value escapes—the safe, warm, welcoming, low-cost havens where you can live large for less than it would cost you to stay home. Pair with some homemade Pugliese taralli snacks (they come plain or in flavors like fennel, rosemary, pepperoncino, cheese, picante), slices of handmade Pugliese cheese, and some incredible, huge green Puglia olives. You’ll especially notice the creamy difference when you treat yourself to an artisanal gelato. It has seen bounding tourism growth—about 12% annually—along with a growing number of expats seeking a laidback, intriguing place to live. Lecce is extravagant, even flamboyant. The whole centro storico is a pearl with gleaming smooth limestone streets wending among buildings and opening unexpected to sea views. Inside the limestone cliffs lurk a maze of tunnels and caverns carved out by erosion. A combination of private train lines and buses will eventually get you where you want. For espresso lovers there's Caffé Speciale at. You can also stand where 007, James Bond, jumped off this very bridge in his latest movie No Time To Die. In the 10th century the Eastern Roman Empire defeated the Saracens and came in control once again, but already the cities were rising in power and requesting more autonomy. Sun seekers will rejoice in Puglia, where the climate is semi-arid and mild year round, with fine weather stretching from April through November. Totally strained our wheeled trolley with fresh green beans, white onions, red onions, both crimini and white mushrooms, yellow bell peppers, sweet red long peppers, bunches of green and purple grapes, aromatic peaches, carrots, zucchini, and two different kinds of cherry tomatoes. Meringue cakes and the famous pasticciotto Buccunotto, a cream-filled bun shaped like a vessel, can be tasted at. Diving and snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, and more will keep you busy and sun-tanned. In mid-September, olives come into season, and we love curing our own olives. Sure, make it a daily indulgence as a reward for all the walking you’ll likely be doing! The low hilly landscape southwest of Bari is a popular destination, known as the Valle d’Itria. Because of the quality, taste, and better health benefits, we cook with only our local olive oil. The little town of Putignano is famous for having the oldest Carnevale celebration in Europe—over 600 years and counting. With its historic castle, adorable old town, and colorful marina, Otranto is a sunny spot and has some great beaches right in town. Remember what I said about the lack of tourism infrastructure? The beach towns of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, to the south of Bari, are seriously picture-perfect. You’ll see them everywhere, but especially around Alberobello. The region rambles for about 250 miles from north to south, and is the eastern-most section of Italy. It is the cultural capital of Puglia with loads of monuments, churches, palaces, and museums that it has garnered the nickname, “The Florence of the South.”, Called the Pearl of the Adriatic, you’ll quickly see why. Gallipoli is known as the "Pearl of the Ionian Sea.". Our local vineria dispenses wine from a local Count’s estate where we buy a liter of Primitivo for $1.40 and a liter of bianco frizzante (sparkling white) for $1.60. In short, there is a variety of landscapes and townscapes here. The farmer explained it was white mulberries from his tree and gladly gave us samples of this tasty berry. There are hundreds of attractive towns in the region, but here are a few of the highlights. There’s also a long stone bridge that dates to the Roman Empire. What that means is that Puglia’s glorious wines are unique, delicious, and economical. Turks' Bay (Baia dei Turchi) is the most pristine spot. Unlike in central Italy, where towns glow in shades of rich earth colors, small settlements here gleam white, shimmering on low hills under a deep blue sky. Read more: Why a Mutual? Make sure to visit the White City of Ostuni, so-called for its white stone buildings, sparkling under the sun, or moon. We recently saw a strange, whitish berrylike fruit that we had never before seen. Otranto is a delightful seaside town just 40 minutes to the south. With only 63 rainy days on average annually, there’s plenty of sun to enjoy, and winter days rarely dip below 48 F. You can golf year round, enjoy a horse ride, walk along the dry stone wall-lined country roads, or even enjoy a seafront lunch in the winter months. Golfers will love Puglia with its variety of clubs and outdoors pursuits include cycling, walking, and of course water sports of every kind. If you’re visiting in summer, head to the bar next to the sea wall and carousel for an out-of-this-world refreshment—watermelon granita, essentially a watermelon slushy. Gravina is near Altamura and is famous for its caves that are similar to the caves (called ‘sassi’) of nearby Matera (which is technically in the neighboring province of Basilicata). Puglia lounged quietly in its southern peninsula, largely overlooked until recently. Each month in International Living magazine, we share the actionable, on-the-ground guidance you need to match the retirement dream you see in your mind with a real-world spot where you could make it your reality. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Puglia, Italy on Tripadvisor: See 308,254 traveler reviews and photos of Puglia tourist attractions. The region has a remarkable population density, mostly concentrated in populous centers, while the countryside is all occupied by flourishing cultivation. The region rambles for about 250 miles from north to south, and is the eastern-most section of Italy. The region of Puglia, with its 500-mile coastline along the Adriatic Sea, is vastly underrated by the tourism industry. Long lunches followed by a siesta (called riposo here) are still the norm. Rosolio is a liqueur made of wild fennel, nuts and laurel. Puglia olive oil makes great gifts for the folks back home who don’t know that Puglia olive oil is seriously the best in the world. Locotondo is a spiral of a town that is user-friendly and attractive, and known for its wine and its picturesque lanes. That has some drawbacks in its less-than-robust infrastructure. Don’t forget your skincare. Ceglie Messapica blends Greek, Moorish, and Puglian styles among its white and sand-colored streets. Visit and even consider staying in a trullo overnight for a throwback to long ago. From a boat tour, you can see the caves for which this area is known. Once the ancient Roman harbor, in summer it's a buzzy sea piazza. Margherita di Savoia has one of the largest salt pans in the world and also is home to many migratory birds, including flamingoes. Starting from 1059 the Norman Roberto il Guiscardo occupied part of Southern Italy becoming Duke of Puglia and Calabria, and since then the history of Apulia was the history of the Kingdom of Sicily. They’re known to be friendly and welcoming, so you’ll find friends easily, and the region has been quietly gaining a growing number of expats, too. For an evening snack (or dinner), imitate the locals and grab an Italian beer and a pizza or focaccia to-go. Real estate can be very affordable, with homes starting at just $50,000. After living here for nearly two years, with my husband, Keith, I realize that I have barely experienced the myriad charms of this ancient landscape which changes dramatically from the forested north to the plains and beaches of the south. Yes, the oven is still producing bread and taralli since 1423. Altamura produces the highest quality flour in all of Italy. Gleaning recipes from friends, local farmers, and our own inspiration, we never tire of kitchen creativity. When you drink Pugliese wines, you understand why wine here is truly an indispensable food in a healthy diet. Gallipoli's crescent of sand is popular with beach fans. The bread made from Altamura flour is so unique, it has its own DOP (Protected Designation of Origin.) Each day we uncover some of the most desirable-and cheapest-retirement havens on earth. The people here know how to live; it must be the sunshine, the food, and the wine that make them so friendly. That makes it not just a pleasing blend of cultures but gives residents some excellent getaway options. He suntans on a chair made of nets that clings to the reef. The other fun aspect of our outdoor markets is not recognizing something—a foreign vegetable if you will. Abandoned wooden fishing boats decorate the shore, reachable after walking through thick pine woods. A long beach of fine white sand and clear turquoise waters can be found where the saltwater Alimini Grande pours into the sea. Gallipoli's gourmet specialties are its purple, tasty giant shrimps and the Gallipolina fish broth with pasta. The Normans gave way to the Swabians and these to the Anjou and the Aragonese, and the region suffered all the evils of bad government, until in the 18th century some improvement took place under the Bourbons, who improved the communications building roads and ports, and granted some social and land reforms. When we returned to the market a few days later, no more; they were done. "The French stole it from us," says resident Giuseppe Capraro. Level 5. The crumbling remains of a medieval pirate lookout tower stand near Torre Guaceto. They’re creative in the kitchen, so dining out is never routine. Sample their varietal specialties and bring back your favorites to your lodging or ask the winery to ship a case or three back home. This is the largest town of the Valle d’Itria and the most elegant; its buildings are adorned with baroque flourishes and stately wrought iron balconies. Here’s another plus to Puglia’s wines: the vintners seldom use pesticides and rarely add sulfites. Its name "selvaggio" (wild, in Italian) says all you need to know about this unspoiled corner of Puglia. Perched above different layers of gray-black cliffs, Polignano a Mare was born from the sea. We bought several pieces from our new friend as reminders of a true artisan and dying art. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in November. Giuseppe was happy to show us his creations of all sizes and shapes: wood spoons with wavy edges to swipe every bit of sauce from the corners of a pan, spoons with tiny holes to add olive oil by drops into your pot, and other fantastically shaped utensils. The towns are scenic and intriguing with their blends of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Baroque influences melding together, while some are downright other-worldly, like Alberobello with its curious trullo structures. We still delight in the everyday scenes that the locals take for granted. It really tastes like it was meant to taste back in the ‘old days’. as they march by our window. We were so pleased with last year’s batch that we doubled our purchase this year. While its southern peninsular position may look isolated, it’s not remote. Its name stems from the Greek kalé polis -- the "beautiful town" -- and hints at why ferocious pirates and invaders have tried to conquer it across the centuries. It’s not just the price that excites us—although it’s wonderful to eat so well on a budget. Puglia olive oil is great for the skin and finds its way into face creams and even your ordinary grocery store shelf soap (my olive oil soap is $1.17 a bar). Primitivo is king here (called Zinfandel in the U.S. but tastes much fuller-bodied and juicier in Puglia), but there are numerous other red and white varieties you’ve likely never heard of: Negroamaro, Nero di Troia, Bombino Nero, Falanghina, Moscato, Verdeca, Aleatico, and Malvasia. Not only delicious, but they’re affordable on just about anyone’s budget. With lots of coastline, you’re never far from the beach. For beach lovers, it's a treasure trove of stunning strands, intimate rocky coves and wild, sandy shores, from the Gargano peninsula in the north to the stiletto heel of Salento in the south. Puglia was a byway for colonizers, conquering invaders, and departing crusaders. Apart from the province capitals, other important centers are Alberobello, Conversano, Barletta, Canosa di Puglia, San Giovanni Rotondo, Manfredonia, Martina Franca, Mesagne, Molfetta, Ostuni, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, San Vito dei Normanni, Gioia del Colle. Picnic Mutuals for your Community Something Powerful. For a therapeutic visit, soak in its famous thermal baths. Two-four pounds of each fruit and vegetable. They headed north to Puglia’s Gargano Peninsula and form here they made the pilgrimage to Monte Sant’Angelo where it is thought the Archangel Michael had appeared. Many Pugliese chefs are eager to teach you how to make bread, focaccia (another pizza-like regional specialty) easy pasta from scratch, and variants of tomato sauce that cook in the time it takes to boil a pot of pasta. Bio-Masseria Lama di Luna is a huge estate located near the famous octagonal Castel del Monte. If you’re thinking of relocating here, an even better choice. The buildings of the city are made of local limestone, lathered with joyous ornate carvings and adornments done with such exuberance that it gives the city a sense of gaiety. After almost two years, we still find ourselves saying ‘Ohmigosh, in California, this would cost five times as much!’. Silvia Marchetti is a Rome-based freelance reporter. The town of Brindisi was a launching port for Crusaders. The world is going to look different as this crisis plays out. We have reviews of the best places to see in Puglia. For good measure, we've thrown in a few more suggestions to complete our guide to some of the best beaches in Puglia when you. Each left a mark, giving Puglia a worldly exotic tinge. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD Apulia was for a time under the influence of Byzanthium, then was gradually occupied by the Lombards, the Franks and the Saracens. At its closest point, Puglia is a mere 50 miles from Albania, while the tip is just 68 miles from Sidari on Corfu. The Alimini Lakes are a protected oasis near Lecce. The big pull for beach fans is La Purità, a crescent-shaped slice of the Maldives with soft, golden sand and pebbles below the walls of the posh part of town. Although any Puglia town will have numerous eateries from fine dining to casual bars, I recommend that if you’re visiting, consider accommodations with an equipped kitchenette so you can create your own Italian masterpieces after a bountiful visit to an outdoor market. Boat launch, picnic area among $650K in improvements to Loon Pond in Springfield Peter Goonan, 2 days ago Schools want to end online classes for struggling kids. If you’re short on time, that’s the easiest and most convenient. The beach has shallow waters, enclosed by two cliffs that form a small bay. The surprise for many is that the overall cost of living is low in Puglia. London. This is a tranquil realm of gnarled olive trees and vineyards, of little gardens that produce green-leaf crops even in the depths of winter. South east of the city of Lecce is a crescent-shaped sand beach famous for its twin sea stacks, dubbed the "Two Sisters," which rise near the shore. Go to one of the numerous bakeries (paneficio) for some fresh bread, dip it in your olive oil with a sprinkle of local sea salt, and you’d swear you’d made it to heaven. When the small beach gets overcrowded locals escape to favorite terraces on the cliffs overlooking the sand. These kinds of things remind me fondly of an earlier time, long gone. It became a crossroads of culture, first with the Greeks, then the Romans who brought their version of a super-highway here, the Appian Way, followed by the Byzantines, Normans, Arabs, and Spanish. If you’re in Puglia for the long-haul, then do the research on using public transport. Tuscany’s wine industry has a more sophisticated marketing and distribution strategy, giving Tuscany greater fame but arguably not better wine. Puglia has thousands of small, family-run wineries that you can visit. There are low reefs and rocky shorelines intermingled with sandy beaches, some with archeological remains right at the swimming spots. Be sure to visit the oven that dates to 1423. There are sea urchin stands where elders called U' Cazzirizz preserve the art of pulling out the orange eggs to spread on focaccia. Oh, the wine. Gargano has 150 kilometers of beaches and rocky inlets. The landscape is speckled with trulli, peculiar homes with conical roofs unique to this area. Learn more about Picnic Mutuals for your community. Life is never boring in Puglia. An alternative is to rent a car, but the caveat is that Italians drive…differently than in the U.S. You risk getting into an accident or incurring a steep fine because you didn’t deduce that weird traffic sign meant you could not drive on that street at that moment without a permit; months later you receive an unhappy surprise in the mail from the rental company charging you for that fine. At sunset, watch the fishermen stand to row out to sea, melodically scissoring their arms and throwing nets as they’ve done for hundreds of years. They are only found in Puglia with the largest concentration in Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With the port of Bari as its capital, Puglia lies between the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea and has more than 800 kilometers of coastline. Red mulberry, prickly pear and fig slushies are refreshing treats. Less known than the other towns in the area, it also has lower real estate prices. North of Gallipoli, Porto Selvaggio is a protected marine area. The Old Town of Bari (Bari Vecchio) with its narrow, twisting streets reveals grandmothers hand making the local pasta specialty of orecchiette, the fortified castle near the port, and the Basilica of San Nicola which is said to house the bones of St Nicholas—are all worth a leisurely ramble. But the taste memory lingers on. Just pure flavor. Many Italians consider Puglia to have the best cuisine, for its fresh produce and abundance from both land and sea. The excitement of hearing the approaching piccolo and drums of our town’s marching band (a la Mayberry!) Restaurant picks include Trattoria La Puritaté (. Summers are hot and dry, with myriad water sports options and a vibrant line-up of events and festivals. The nearby Isle of Sant'Andrea with its bright corals is a. Gallipoli is heaven for the sweet of tooth, too.
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